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Dollarstore Bin to Boho Basket DIY

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During our first lockdown, I went through a cleaning and organizing fit. This honestly just meant bringing a lot of baskets into the house. I was really feeling the boho vibe, but the dollarstore was all I had access to. So I got creative! Now I have a super cheap (~$5) way to get the boho chic look without a $25 basket!

Here’s what you need:

Dollarstore basket

Mine was about $3. If you're in Canada, Dollarama still carries these exact ones!!

Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks

A roll of jute twine

I started gluing the twine from the bottom up. On the first 10-15 wraps I would suggest a dot of hot glue every 4-5 inches. As you get higher, you need much less on average, but it’s still useful to glue a few rows really well every 10-15 wraps! I pretty much just kept wrapping until I got to the bottom of the handles.

Once I was at the bottom of the handles, I continued to wrap the basket, but instead of doing full wraps, I was cutting the twine every time I came to the opening of the handle. Since these rows aren’t attached, I made sure they were all well secured with hot glue.

Next, I took the twine and wrapped it all the way around the handles. When I cut the twine, I left a bit of excess and glued it to the inside of the basket - just to make extra sure it was super secure.

- and voila! It’s just that easy. It took about 20 minutes total. The best part is that there is no “perfect“ look with boho or farmhouse decor - so any little imperfections only add to the character!


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