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Cleaning your Cutting Mats

You might be like me - and if you are, you've lost the plastic sheet that comes with your cutting mats, and now they're covered in... well... everything. I know I'm not the only one, because I am constantly seeing questions about how to clean the mats without losing the "stickiness".

Mats can be expensive, and the fear of ruining them used to make me SO nervous when it came to cleaning. Then, I found this super simple method that is (so far) totally fool proof and waaaaay cheap.

Check out the results:

Put the spray adhesive and glue sticks away. This is all you need:

Your dirty old mats

Grab the mats that need your love the most! Personally, I love these Realike mats - I've had them for a year and a half and their stickiness has survived countless cleaning sessions. Get some here: https://amzn.to/3tZPrmm

Your favourite alcohol-free baby wipes

Don't try to use any old baby wipes! Some wipes have alcohol in them, and can remove the sticky from your mat. That's the opposite of what we want, so I suggest double-checking that your don't contain alcohol. I like to use Seventh Generation or Hello Bello Wipes (grab some here: https://amzn.to/3G5vFId )

A dry wipe or clean paper towel

Having one of these on hand can speed up your drying process and help your mat achieve its' max-stickiness.

This is how you make the magic:

First, find a solid surface that you can safely put a little bit of pressure on.

Then, lay all your mats out so they're spaced apart and you can work on one without resting on another one (otherwise you're going to get sweater lint on your mat!)

(Don't worry about trying to pick off any stray pieces of vinyl or cardstock that are still stuck to your mat. The cleaning process will take care of these.)

Grab a wipe - sometimes I add a bit of extra water to mine because I hate the rubbing/ pulling feeling when I'm cleaning my mats.

Applying a moderate amount of pressure, start wiping the mat with the wipe in a circular motion. I usually like to start working in the top corner and moving down towards the bottom.

If you, like me, wet your baby wipe a little bit extra, take a dry (or drier) wipe and wipe the mat straight up and down.

Leave them to dry in a place that is free of dogs, dust and kids with dirty fingers. (Alternatively - hang them up to dry, out of the reach of all your house creatures)

Craft on!

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